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  1. DJ-Scratch1- Scratch Master 101 (TURNTABLISM)

    DJ-Scratch1- Scratch Master 101 (TURNTABLISM)

    An introduction to the art of turntablism and the joys of scratching. Lean the basic techniques and tools of the turntablist including scratching, cutting and beat juggling. Learn More
  2. DJ-Scratch2- Scratch Master 201 (TURTABLISM)

    DJ-Scratch2- Scratch Master 201 (TURTABLISM)

    For the aspiring DJ looking to showcase his or her creativity by incorporating various tricks and techniques into their live performances. Scratch Master 201 focuses on improving timing and record control and teaches how and when to utilize scratch patterns in live mixes. Learn More
  3. DJ Course -Level 2 - (DJ Level 2)

    DJ Course -Level 2 - (DJ Level 2)

    Already know the basics but want to take your dj game to the next Level?
    Our Level 2 certificate course is designed for Djs who are looking to transition out of the bedroom and into the professional Dj world. Work on advancing your skills as a DJ and get an introduction to playing live for events and clubs. Learn More


    Regular Price: CA$449.00

    Special Price: CA$399.00

    Students will learn the basics of Djing via Serato’s groundbreaking interface while experimenting with the limitless possibilities offered by this software. The effects, loop recording, sample decks and mix recorder will all be utilized.

    3 WEEK COURSE: 6 Hours / 3 Classes Learn More
  5. DJ-Intro1- Private

    DJ-Intro1- Private

    Regular Price: CA$149.00

    Special Price: CA$99.00

    The School Of Remix DJ 101 single lesson is a great way to get past a self taught level, brush up on a few skills or just to try out DJing and see what direction you might go. Custom one on one instruction with local pro teachers.

    SINGLE LESSON: 2 Hours / 1 Class Learn More
  6. DJ-Course Level 1 (DJ  Level 1)

    DJ-Course Level 1 (DJ Level 1)

    Our DJ Level 1 course is designed for students with little to no experience who are looking to begin a career in DJing. Get to where you wan to be with 1 on 1 instruction from our local pro DJ instructors.

    7 WEEK COURSE: 14 Hours / 7 Classes / 1 Exam
    Learn More


    The School Of Remix DJ 101 Group Intro is an inexpensive and great way to try out DJing, figure out which direction to go and see if DJing is for you!
    Learn about the equipment and the basics skills needed to become a DJ. Whether you are looking to start your career or just wanting to learn something new, The Group Intro to DJ class will set on you on the right path.

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